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Farmer in Residence: fruit of the coop dinner February 22

February 22, 2022 06:00 PM

Farmer in Residence: fruit of the coop dinner

Join the flock here at Harvester Kitchen on Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022 in celebrating our local farmers!  We are delighted to introduce our first Farmer in Residence: Stephanie Peterson with Fruit of the Coop. Stephanie’s 7-acre farm is in the watershed of the Big Sioux River near Brandon, SD.  In addition to selling eggs from her own flock of heritage and hybrid chickens, she sources all types of eggs, including quail and duck eggs, from other small flocks around Southeastern South Dakota.  All of the chickens are pasture-raised on natural grains and forage, which gives the yolks of their eggs a deep golden color, strong shells and higher nutritional value. Chef Bryan and the HK culinary team have created an inspired 5-course tasting menu featuring these local eggs and more in custards, pasta, sauces and salads. No chicken and egg situation here…Becca Connelly, Restaurant Manager, has paired the menu with lovely American focused wines.

Gentleness doesn't get work done unless you happen to be a hen laying eggs. Coco Chanel

Food with wine Pairings · 120

Reception Menu

Passed canapes 

quail egg salad | brioche | celery leaf | grain mustard aioli

truffle omelette | creme fraiche | chives

deviled eggs | espelette pepper | smoked char roe | arugula

Dinner Menu

steamed egg custard | king crab | caviar | scallion

duck egg raviolo | smoked house ricotta | soubise | parsley beurre fondue

sauce devine & ora king salmon | lucky sorrel 

sauce béarnaise & veal cheek | egg yolk jam | cured egg yolk gremolata | pommes boulangere 

egg custard tart | whipped cream | tangerine | meringue